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925 Ring Workshop - 7th August 2021

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Silver Ring Workshop

Beginner level, ages 15+

Saturday's 10am-4pm


Tutor - Nyx Mathews

B.A. Arts (Art History and Literature)/B.A. Visual Arts (Gold and Silversmithing). Gallery Assistant & Artist in Residence.


KIN Gallery’s 925 silver band workshop is the perfect introduction to studio jewellery making.

Participants will learn basic fabrication methods including saw piercing; annealing and soldering; and finishing techniques such as texturing, stamping, and polishing.

You will learn how to make a 925 (sterling) custom-fit silver band, and have the opportunity to personalise it through various finishing methods.

At the end of the session you will leave with your own finished silver ring, and a skill set that you can apply to further studio lessons or enhance your own craft practice.


$250 - Includes all required materials, tools, personalised instruction and light refreshments.