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Ada Hodgson - Medallion #2, sterling silver, Australian sapphire, Ceylon sapphire

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This sapphire and sterling silver pendant has all the hallmarks of Ada's work: intriguing textures, organic elements and a beautiful combination of coloured gems. It features a thin rectangle of silver with an irregular border of fine lines, and hangs by a wide, fixed loop with matching pattern. Two blue Australian sapphires and one light blue Ceylon sapphire, star set for extra sparkle, are placed in a triangle configuration. The settings pierce the back of the piece to let the light through, adding depth and colour to the stones. It is hung on a narrow sterling silver chain.


This pendant is distinctive enough to be worn alone, or light enough to be layered with other necklaces if desired. Its rectangular shape and pointed gem settings are remeniscant of a night sky or star-speckled Tarot card.



Sterling silver, Australian sapphire, Ceylon sapphire

Pendant is approximately 1.7x1cm, with 0.8cm long loop

45cm sterling silver chain