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Albert Tse - Eon Signet - Sterling Silver

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A modern take on the classic form, Albert Tse's Eon signet resembles an archaeological find; it has an aged look that is in striking contrast to the highly polished contemporary interior. Textured to resemble carved, porous stone, then oxidised (blackened) and rubbed back so that every crevasse and indentation stands out against the dark silver, this ring would look as much at home in a museum cabinet as it will on your hand.

The Eon signet is related to Tse's Terra series, combining warm, earthy textures with sleekly contemporary design to produce a range of rings, earrings and necklaces that feel as though they could have come from any era between now and the Roman Empire. Tse excelles at putting a textural twist on wardrobe staples like the signet ring or gold stud earring. Browse our Ears and Fingers sections to find the perfect timeless centrepiece for your collection.




Sterlin silver.

Face is approximately 1.5x1.5cm.

Size: W


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