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Sarah Murphy - Enamelled Pendulum Earrings (Blue, White and Pink), vitreous enamel, stainless steel

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These articulated earrings feature a stud-backed oval of stainless steel, enamelled in powder blue with a pattern of lines around the edge. Hanging from it is a diamond of fine stainless steel wire, with a triangle of enamelled stainless steel sheet metal fitted into the lower half. It is patterned with half-circles in soft pink, blue and purple, on a background of white with fine black lines.


Large enough to make a subtle statement but very light, these earrings are comfortable enough to be worn all day. The enamelling process is done by hand, which makes every pair of Sarah Murphy's enamelled earrings unique.


If you love this technique, be sure to check out the rest of our Ears section to see what else Sarah has been up to! With a wide range of colours, patterns and styles there is a pair of Sarah's earrings for everyone.



Stainless steel, vitreous enamel

7cm drop from piercing, approximately 4cm at widest point