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Cassandra Prinzi - Coral Clamshell Earrings, Size Medium, Copper, Powdercoat Enamel Paint, Sterling Silver

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Rectangular, organic shaped earrings in lime green over black powdercoat and enamel paint on curly-edged copper folded to created a 3D effect. Size - Medium.


Copper, powdercoat, enamel, sterling silver stud backs.


Length from drop: 31mm


Measurements: 39mm x 23mm x 15mm


Thickness of earring at top near post: 4mm


Thickness of earring at bottom of drop: 15mm


Cassandra Prinzi is a Melbourne based artist. Cassandra's work draws inspriation from urban and natural landscapes, combining the two on her pieces. Her pieces are hand cut and coloured to create playfully vibrant and undulating forms.