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Danielle Lo - Small Stud (Various Colours) - Sterling Silver, Vitreous Enamel

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These small stud earrings are formed from concave circles of sterling silver, with vitreous (glass) enamel in the hollow. 


Available in a wide range of solid or speckled colours, there is a pair of Small Studs to suit every wardrobe! And if you're looking for a set, check out Lo's Staple Pendant in our Neck section.




Sterling silver, vitreous enamel.

Stud diametre: 11mm.


A note about caring for your piece: While vitreous enamel can be a fragile material, the concave shape of these studs pretects the glass, and should keep your studs glossy and chip-free for a lifetime! As with any precious object, though, we don't recommend rough handling. Please don't wear them in the shower, and try to avoid dropping them on tiled or concrete surfaces.