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Hoops workshop- 27th March 2021

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Beginner level, ages 15+

Saturday's 10am-4pm



Tutor - Katie Shanahan

B.A. Visual Arts (honours) Gold and Silversmithing. 



During the one day workshop, participants will be shown step by step the process of making a pair of sterling silver hoop earrings. This process involves several manufacturing basic skills, including but not limited to soldering, annealing, saw piercing, polishing, measurement tricks and tips with stamping and texturing also a possibility. 

Each individuals hoops can be customised in width, profile, size, texture and finish.

The workshop day begins at 10am with the morning session focussing on measurement, annealing and forming.

We break for 1 hour for lunch to stretch and refresh for the second half of the day.

After lunch participants will solder, file and finish their hoops with their desired customisation.

At the end of the session you will leave with your own finished silver hoops, and a skill set that you can apply to further studio lessons or enhance your own craft practice.


$250 - Includes all required materials, tools, personalised instruction and light refreshments.