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Katie Shanahan- Flower Charm, Sterling Silver, Salt & Pepper Diamond

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This beatutiful charm by Katie Shanahan references motifs from antiquity. The charm consists of a circular disc of silver, which is a half sphere shape. There are little buds and flowers raised off the face of the surface. Set into the space next to the central flower is a small round salt & pepper diamond.  A tiny loop sits on the edge of the charm. 


Materials: sterling silver, 1.75mm round salt & pepper diamond

Dimensions: 14.5mm x 10.8mm x 6mm


Gold and silversmith Katie Shanahan is a Canberran native and resident. Shanahan uses traditional gold and silversmithing techniques to make precious, one-of-a-kind custom jewellery. She takes aesthetic inspiration from antiquity and the natural world, combining classical forms and contemporary finishes to create pieces that look truly timeless.


Shanahan specialises in bespoke, hand crafted pieces that are meant to be worn day in, day out until they become a cherished and inextricable part of the wearer’s story. In addition ethically sourced, high quality metals and precious gemstones, she is also happy to work with heirloom stones to give them new life and extend their journey. 


For Katie Shanahan the relationships she forms with her customers, suppliers, peers and the jewellery pieces themselves is ultimately the most important aspect of her work. Whether it’s the unique connection between jewellery and maker or jewellery and wearer, these interactions are a driving force behind her work.


Shanahan trained in the recently-disestablished Gold and Silversmithing Workshop at the Australian National University School of Art and completed Honours in 2007. In addition to her jewellery practice, she is a vital part of our lovely Kin Team, on hand to give expert advice to our customers and to teach classes in our on-site workshop.