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Leonie Simpson - Boulder Opal Pendant, boulder opal, 9ct yellow gold

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This deceptively simple pendant features a beautiful mid-blue boulder opal with brilliant green lights and characteristic flecks of dark ironstone, set in a square bezel of 9ct yellow gold and hung on a fine 9ct yellow gold chain. The soft edges and brushed finish of the setting beautifully offsets the opal's polished surface, and results in a pendant that is as lovely to handle as it is to look at.

Beautiful worn as a statement piece or layered with other delicate chains, this is the type of pendant that could elevate a simple white t-shirt or be the finishing touch on a wedding look.



9ct yellow gold, boulder opal*


*Queensland, Australia, is the only place in the world that produces boulder opal; formed in ironstone (as opposed to sandstone), the distinctive brown flecks are ironstone shining through. Due to their unique formation process, boulder opals are much stronger than other varieties. The darkness of the ironstone naturally enhances the opal's rainbow hues, adding depth and richness to its multitude of colours.