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Robyn Clarke - Charoma Contour Drops (Green Velvet/Pale Sage) - Fine Silver, Sterling Silver, Vitreous Enamel

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A pair of mid-sized drop earrings featuring a teardrop of rich green enamel, framed in sterling silver and enameled sage green on the reverse. The handcrafted sterling silver hooks are extra long to avoid accidental losses, and are finished with a sleek vertical line of square-profile silver which sits at the apex of the teardrop.

In colours as rich and glossy as silk velvet, Robyn Clark's Charoma Contour earrings add a sophisticated pop of colour to the greyest day. Beautifully crafted and finished with handmade hooks, collect a rainbow's worth or find the perfect match for a special outfit. 




Sterling silver, fine silver, vitreous enamel.

Approximately 5x2cm.