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Monday, Wednesday & Friday






Workshop day access is perfect for Contemporary jewellers, professional makers and students who are competent and confident in working independently in a jewellery workshop setting. Book in as a once off or as a regular booking.


Participants must have completed two five week courses at KIN minimum or equivalent.

Before your first workshop access a one-off induction and safety run through is mandatory, we will contact you with available times.


Tuition is not included or accessible on these days.

You will have access to your own bench for the day, communal tools and machinery in addition to a fridge, kettle, coffee machine and microwave.

Materials and specialist consumables will need to be provided by the individual. Sawblades, flux, silver solder and sandpaper available.

Tools available but not limited to-

Orca torch, smith torch, ultrasonic, tumbler, combination Durston rollers, Foredom flexi, Micromotors, polishing motor, grinder, dapping blocks, punches, mandrels, stamps, anvil, vice etc.