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Ann Welton - Corrugated Drops Stud Earrings, Fine Silver, Sterling Silver

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Experimenting with corrugations, artist Ann Welton has handcrafted these earrings in fine and sterling silver. Highly textured ovals in fine silver are supended from a smaller oval of silver via two jump rings.



Fine silver, sterling silver posts.

Approximately 36mm from drop.

Width of corrugated oval; 19mm


Ann Welton discovered gold and silver smithing while studying at NMIT. She went on to complete Bachelor of Fine Art (Gold and Silver Smithing) (Honours) at RMIT, which allowed her to extend her exploration of vessel and jewellery making.

Welton describes her work in the following statement, “My works are strongly influenced by growing up in rural communities, with landscapes that reflected a complex interplay of the natural and undisturbed and imposed farming practises. The beauty of these landscapes was often subtle, even unexpected. Colours were muted, variations subtle, but the textures associated with them were strong and distinctive.  Consequently, texture has become a driving force in my making because of its power to connect one to place and people.”