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Anna Davern- Ultra Coil Earrings, Blackened, Sterling Silver, Large

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Anna Davern's Coil Earrings are made from sterling silver which has been blackened. The earrings feature is an approximatedly 20mm x 9mm coil, made of 0.6mm wire. They are a hook style earring and designed so that the coil part swings with the movement of the wearer. These versaltile earrings are perfect for everyday wear!

Anna Davern is an Australian jeweller with an established career spanning over 30 years. The materials she uses are varied, and the pieces she creates are invariably fun. From precious metals and stones to imagery printed onto aluminium, Davern has sold and exhibited both delicate and bold, accomplished pieces throughout Australia and internationally. 

In her own words, Davern’s practice straddles the visual arts, jewellery, fashion and education, and her works incorporate the technique of assemblage and collage. Davern’s pieces are produced in her studio in Melbourne’s CBD.

Materials: Blackened sterling silver

Earring drop: 32mm