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Ant Hat - Anatomical Heart Pendant with Blue Australian Sapphire, Sterling Silver, Australian Sapphire, 50cm

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Ant Hat's Anatomical Heart Pendant is a tiny heart replica cast in polished sterling silver suspended on a trace chain. Set into one of the heart's valve is a RBC blue australian sapphire. 


Materials: Sterling silver, blue Australian sapphire

Length: 50cm chain


The Ant Hat line is the pseudonym of a Melbourne jeweller. The works this jeweller creates are contemplations, interweaving both the silence and the deafening noise post-encore. 

Known for the precision of her carvings, Ant Hat’s signature pieces include hand-detailed skulls and anatomically correct hearts, all no more than a centimetre high. Each component is cast from an original wax carving by the artist, hand-crafted and finished in her Melbourne studio.