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Brendan Cunningham- Princess Diamond Ring, 18ct White Gold, Diamonds, Size N 1/2

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This  engagement ring by Brendan Cunningham features a central princess cut diamond, with 22 small princess cut diamonds channel set into the band. Both channel set and central diamonds have a border of white gold around them, giving the ring a very clean and structured look. The band has a square profile with a polished finish. 


Materials: 18ct White Gold, 1 x 0.76ct L-M SI Princess Cut Diamond, 22 x 0.36ctw Princess Cut Diamonds

Setting Dimensions: 7.5mm x 6.5mm x 3.5mm

Ring Size: N 1/2


Brendan Cunningham, the founder of Salt and Pepper Diamonds, has been working full-time as a bench jeweller since 2003. His diamond rings are beautifully refined and always unique, and Cunningham specialises in pairing unusual stones and metals to produce jewellery that is classic-with-a-twist. He is particularly well-known for his tantalum rings, a metal which is valued for its rarity, durability and distinctive dark blue-grey colour.

For obvious reasons, many of Cunningham’s pieces feature salt and pepper diamonds; the inclusions that make these stones so unusual were once considered flaws, but recent interest has led to a blossoming market and they are becoming increasingly rare and valuable.

Brendan works in NSW and the ACT.