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Cass Partington - Bus Stop Pendant (Small) - sterling silver

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Immediately recognisable Canberrans and ex-pats across the globe, Cass Partington's Bus Stop pendant is modelled after the oval window frame with oval window which features in Clem Cummings' iconic concrete bus shelters. Designed in 1974 to tie in with the Brutalist architecture seen in many of Canberra's public institutions, the bus shelters are now beloved by residents and tourists alike.


Available in large and small sizes and in yellow gold or sterling silver, Partington's delicate pendant reproduces the windows' smooth oval form with oval cutout at one end. Each one is threaded onto a fine, odixised (blackened) sterling silver chain, which runs through the 'window'.



Sterling silver.

10x5mm pendant.

1mm wide 45cm curb chain.