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Danielle Lo - Frosty Fragments Hook Earrings, Fine Silver, Sterling Silver

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Frosty Fragments Earrings in fine silver and sterling silver made by Danielle Lo. These stylish earrings are a departure in scale of Danielle's usually smaller scale work, yet they still feature her signature motif in cupped, concave fine silver lilly pads nestled side-by-side along a larger oval of sterling silver. The fine silver cups are arranged in decreasing size from the lowest point on the oval, and they cover approximately one quarter the length of the oval. Connected to the hand-formed hook by a fixed bale, each earring gently swings giving them a delightful animation.


Fine silver, sterling silver.

Dimensions of earring: 40mm x 30mm x 9.5mm

Length from drop: 51mm

Dimensions: 50mm x 30mm