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Renee Newton - Minimalist Cup and Dish Set, white porcelain, transparent glaze

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Renee Newton's minimal white cup and dish sets have a soft, unglazed exterior and transparent glaze within. 

Each piece is unique, with a delicate and irregular rim and the distinctive hammered-type finish of the pinch-pot techinique, in which the clay is 'pinched' out into its final form by hand. The cups are handle-less, and curve at the bottom to fit perfectly betwen cupped palms. Each is accompanied by a shallow side dish with matching finish, the ideal size for a mid-afternoon biscotti or crisp stack of morning toast. 

Use them to make your morning ritual a bit more special, or keep them at your desk to elevate your afternoon coffee break!



Porcelain, transparent glaze.

Cups measure approximately 7cm in diameter and 8cm high.

Dishes measure between 12-13cm across.

Please note that as these pieces are handmade, no two are alike and sizes vary. If you are ordering online, please specify in the notes whether you would like a larger or smaller set.