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Claire Taylor- Petal Bell, Sterling Silver

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This sweet bell charm by Claire Taylor has a petal detail around the bottom edge. There is a U shaped connection at the top which is where the jump ring is attached. Tinkling sounds come from the central clapper made of sterling silver. 


Materials: sterling silver

Dimensions: 20mm x 12mm x 12mm 


Specialising in contemporary jewellery, Melbourne-based Claire Taylor is inspired by traveling, collecting and nature. Her designs often develop via experimentation with textures and she uses a variety of embossing techniques to capture the impressions of fragile materials in metal. Taylor’s body of work is incredibly varied, but delicate patterning and textural elements persist throughout. 

Taylor has been working as a jeweller since 2002, after finishing a Bachelor of Applied Art in Metal & Jewellery. She has travelled extensively in Europe and Asia, and worked with jewellers in India and Ireland. Taylor exhibits her handmade jewellery locally and internationally, most recently with a solo show in Barcelona.